Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Simple Recipes for Tailgating, Camping, RV

Summer is over? NOT! The best camping season is just starting. Here’s what’s new for the camp cook.

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Camping and RV  
Recipe of the Week
Manhattan Seafood Chowder

    Gone fishing? If the catch is small, cut it up to make this chowder. Or just open a few cans of various seafood. The more variety, the better.  Knorr is one company that makes fish bouillon cubes. Better Than Bouillon makes a fish flavor stock concentrate. 

2 tablespoons vegetable oil
Large onion, chopped
2 ½ cups potato, scrubbed and diced
 1-quart bottle Clamato juice
2 cups water
2 fish flavor bouillon cubes or 2 teaspoons fish base
2 cups cut up fresh, canned or frozen seafood
Hot sauce
    Sizzle vegetables in hot oil until browned. Add Clamato juice, water and bouillon and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover pot and simmer until potatoes are tender. Bring back to a boil and add seafood until it’s cooked through. Serves 4. 

Tips for the Camp Cook
* Do you carry a chopper and bowl to make chopped salads? It takes a few tries to get the hang of it but it’s a time saver, a healthy way to eat and a meal you can make different every day.


    * Chopper bowl bonus. When you have a mixed mess of leftover cooked vegetables, chop them fine and make corned beef hash. 

*No matter how big and fancy your camper kitchen, we all love to cook outdoors. This folding kitchen has lots of shelving to hold tools, foods, supplies, gadgets yet it folds away to slide into the trunk or RV basement.  Order at

* These extra-long, extra strong, 18-inch  rebar stakes cost little yet do so many jobs around the campsite, tent site,  RV site. Stake out the dog or add hold-down power to almost anything. The folding kitchen above can be top heavy. . For extra safety and stability, brace it with these stakes. Order here

    * Make no-bake snack bars. Line the bottom of a 9 X 13-inch dish or pan with nonstick foil, waxed paper or parchment. Grease sides. In a greased bowl mix 2 cups crisp rice cereal and 1 ½ cups minute oats (not instant).  Sprinkle lightly with salt. 2/3 cup dried fruit or nuts optional. In a pan melt 2 cups (16-ounce jar) peanut or other nut butter, ½ cup pancake syrup and 1 teaspoon apple pie spice. Pour over cereal, mix well, press into dish with the back of a dampened spoon. Cool 1 hour, flip out of pan, remove paper or foil, cut in squares, wrap.
Campground Potluck Recipe of the Week
Secret Ingredient Carrots

    Your turn to bring a side dish?  Canned carrots are your time saver and pitted dates sweeten the pot. Bacon makes it just perfect.

#10 can of sliced carrots, drained
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
6 to 8 pieces thick-sliced bacon, cut up
Large onion, diced
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1 ½ cups water (or more to taste)
16-ounce package chopped, pitted dates

    Drain the can of carrots by holding the lid in place, leaving carrots in the can. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar, letting some run down the sizes of the can to distribute flavor. Set aside. In a large kettle, cook bacon until it’s crispy, gradually stirring in onion and garlic. When onion is crisp-tender, stir in water and dates. Cover and simmer until thick. Stir in more water if needed to make a sauce. Fold in carrots over medium heat, stirring occasionally until carrots are sauced. Serves 12 to 16. 

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Freeze-Ahead Recipe of the Week
Wild Rice Stuffing

2 cups wild rice cooked with a medium onion, diced
½ cup dried cranberries
1 tablespoon dried, crumbled sage OR
1 teaspoon ground, dried sage
1-pound loaf peasant bread, cut in rubes
1 stick butter
1 1/2 cups water

    Lightly toss together cooled rice, cranberries, sage and bread cubes. Melt butter and water together and stir into dry mix. Cool, break up loosely to freeze. To heat and eat, freeze in boilable bags. To freeze for use in stuffing a bird, break up loosely and freeze in bags or container.    Thaw and add water or broth if necessary.
     If it’s packed tightly into a container it can be sliced while cold and fried in butter to make an easy side dish to go with meat from the grill. Serves 6 to 8.

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