Sunday, June 01, 2014

Slow Cooker Warning for Campers, RVers, Boaters, Tailgaters

Warning! Don't Get the Wrong 
Slow Cooker for Life on the Go

 copyright janet groene

  1.  It's temping to get the fanciest slow cooker for your galley BUT when you don't have  reliable, full-time electric power, a programmable slow cooker might not work right. Food could be under-cooked or not cooked at all. 
     If your cooker is programmable, use it in manual mode when you're not sure about hookups. Second, read the manual and know what happens in a power interruption. Does it hold the program? For how long? When power returns does it resume where it left off? Start from scratch? Not re-start at all? 
     To follow the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule, get a manual cooker.

       2.  A crock insert looks classy on the table but consider the weight. It's a load to carry, stow, wash and dry.

        3. Your beloved crock cooker is a boon at home, where you have a dishwasher and don't mind the extra work in browning meat before it goes into the crock. In mobile cuisine, however, a metal pan insert  allows you to brown meat on the stove, then transfer the pan to the slow cooker. Best of all, it's an extra pan to use on the gas stove when you don't have electric hook-up. 

        4. A 12-volt slow cooker is a boon to camping, boating and tailgating as long as you monitor the battery drain.  

         5. If you're really into slow cooking in your RV or boat, get two sizes, large and small. Chances are you'll find plenty of uses for both of them, sometimes all at once.  

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